MONTECATINI The Land of Nature’s Blessing

2016.02.25 THU

Vol. 1

The Search for Powerful Ingredients

2016.03.11 FRI

Vol. 2

Montecatini Terme, the World-Renowned Spa Wellness Resort

2016.04.26 TUE

Vol. 3

The Four Springs of Montecatini Terme

2016.05.17 TUE

Vol. 4

Story of the Clay: A Potent Ingredient Created by the Terrain

2016.05.31 TUE

Vol. 5

Olive Oil from the Fertile Land of Montecatini

2016.09.07 WED

Vol. 6

Discovery of M.T.PARCA, An Ingredient Derived from the Thermal Spring Waters

2016.09.14 WED

Vol. 7

Bennessere, the Philosophy of Wellness

2016.09.20 TUE

Vol. 8

Harnessing Natural Resources: MDNA SKIN's Technology