Montecatini: The Land of Nature’s Blessing

Discovery of M.T.PARCA, An Ingredient Derived from the Thermal Spring Waters

2016.09.07 WED

MDNA SKIN is the only non-Italian brand permitted to use Montecatini Terme's spring waters.

In Italy, there are over two hundred hot spring areas, called “terme.” Due to their expert use of the land’s natural resources, the citizen’s of Montecatini Terme were able to cultivate the town and its surroundings into one of the best thermes in the world.

Upon receiving a prescription for the spring waters, Italians often seek treatment at the termes. The Italian medical community recognizes these springs as an important resource for health and well-being. In fact, treatment by spring waters is covered under the national health insurance.

The locals harness the healing qualities of the thermal waters in various ways depending on their specific needs and ailment. Balneotherapy, treatment of ailments by bathing in the mineral spring waters, is perhaps the most well-known method. Some less known methods include: Pelotherapy which is the application of clay containing spring waters to the body. Hydropinic therapy which is the imbibing of thermal waters. Grotta therapy, which involves experiencing the waters as a steam bath in a natural cave setting.

Time-proven in its efficacy, the spring waters have been researched by scientists and medical professionals alike. Three decades ago, medical hydrology researchers began to explore the use of thermal waters in beauty care. The researchers of Montecatini live by the philosophy of Bennessere, which translates to “a kind of well-being that springs from the roots.” Consequently, the research on beauty care is based on an idea that one is able to attain beautiful skin by being in good health.

After many iterations of combining the waters from the four springs to achieve the most effective mixture, the research group came to discover a beauty ingredient with a mineral composition akin to that of a biological fluid. This ingredient named M.T.PARCA is capable of deeply penetrating the skin since the skin takes it in as one of its own components. M.T.PARCA promotes deep hydration, awakening the skin’s inner strength to carry out its own natural turnover. With regular use, the skin is restored from the foundation, giving a healthy glow.

Upon earning the trust of Montecatini Terme's government, MDNA SKIN was granted exclusive use of M.T.PARCA.