Montecatini: The Land of Nature’s Blessing

Harnessing Natural Resources: MDNA SKIN's Technology

2016.09.20 TUE

MDNA SKIN elevated the power of natural ingredients to develop a revolutionary line of products.

MDNA SKIN is to bring out the beauty of each person by awakening one’s true essence.

The brand’s mission combined with Madonna’s eye for excellence, and Monteatini’s natural ingredients form a powerful equation. From these three elements, a revolutionary line of beauty products was born.

Dr.Verandi, the mayor of Montecatini Terme deliberates, “Skincare that goes beyond skincare --awakening the inner strength, love and beauty in you-- is made possible only through the use of the purest natural ingredients and the state-of-the-art technology.”

MDNA SKIN, through expert use of technology, science, and the best natural ingredients, aims to enable you to live with true confidence in your unique beauty.