Montecatini: The Land of Nature’s Blessing

Bennessere, the Philosophy of Wellness

2016.09.14 WED

Dr.Verandi, the mayor of Montecatini Terme speaking about the partnership with MDNA SKIN.

The citizens of Montecatini Terme are protective of their healing spring waters. For two thousand years, the district authority prohibited the waters of Montecatini Terme from crossing the Italian border. Why is it then that they allowed MDNA SKIN to use their precious waters?

The answer is, in a word, “Bennessere.”

Bennessere is a nuanced concept for Italians which roughly translates to “a kind of well-being that springs from the roots.” Historically, Bennessere centered around the treatment of illness, but today, the philosophy focuses on the prevention of illness.

“Montecatini Terme's spring waters are used not only to heal the sick but also to promote well-being amongst the healthy,” says Dr.Verandi, a physician and the mayor of Montecatini Terme.

Based on the observation that a person is at her most attractive when she is in good health, modern practitioners of Bennessere include physical beauty as one of the factors of well-being.

“I learned that MDNA SKIN’s mission is ‘to bring out the beauty of each person by awakening her true essence.’ This way of thinking is very close to the core of Bennessere, our guiding philosophy,” says Dr.Verandi. “That is the reason we decided to share the blessings of Montecatini with MDNA SKIN. Together, we will be able to inspire people from all over the world to adopt Bennessere.”

MDNA SKIN's beauty collection was born from the strong tie between the community of Montecatini and MDNA SKIN. This revolutionary line of products is the fruit of nature's blessings and state of the art technology.